Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Quick Little Post: Advertise Your Beauty Blogs Here!

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts recently, I was a bit stressed out by GCSE results etc. Everything's okay now though, I got better grades than I expected and I got into sixth form. But enough of me. I'm here with a post, asking you to advertise your beauty blogs here, to me and to others. I'm asking this as I want to find some unknown gems and recommend them to my readers.

Here are the rules:
In the comments section post:

  • Your blog's name

  • A short description of what you write on you blog.

  • Why people should read it.

  • If you have Twitter of YouTube let me know too.

DO NOT just post the name of your blog, you'll find that more people reading the comments will click on things that have a descriptions, so I'm helping you out too. AND I just wanna know what I'm clicking on before I see it.



Tuesday, 23 August 2011

NOTD: 23/08/11

Sorry about the crappy photo quality, twas a quick snapshot from my iPod. On my nails today is three coats of Miss Sporty's Green Lemon. It's a good colour but I'm not a fan of its streakiness. I wouldnt suggest using a matte topcoat with this shade as it would make the streaks alot more obvious. Hope this helps.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Back to School Special: Complete Makeup Bag for £20

I'm really excited to share this with you guys. To start my back to school series I have researched and created a complete makeup bag for under £20. This is great for anyone who is about to start a school where you can wear makeup, or someone who just got into makeup, or even someone who just wants to refresh their look for the new school year. I haven't owned everything on this list yet but I have checked reviews and opinions of everything on this list. If you're interested, just keep reading.

1.) Concealer

For the concealer I have chosen Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer, as this is my personal favourite. It's highly spoken of in the blogging and YouTube community and lives up to its good reviews. It is actually the most pricey thing in this bag and its RRP is £4.19.

2.) Foundation/ Tinted Moisturiser

For this I have chosen the Natural Collection tinted moisturiser which is available at Boots. I also own this and it is a staple in my makeup bag. The pigmentation on this is pretty good for a tinted moisturiser and will even out most discolouration etc. It works pretty well for me and I have dry skin and a bit of rosacea on my cheeks. It is so much lighter than foundation and it doesn't look cakey or heavy. This is priced at £1.95.

3.) Eye Primer

This is included in the bag because eyeshadow doesn't really last a full school day without it. The primer that I've chosen is the E.L.F. Eyelid Primer from the £1.50 range. I find that it its just as good as the mineral one for half the price.

4.) Eyeshadow Base

Cream eyeshadows work amazingly well as eyeshadow bases and often enhance the pigmentation of poor quality shadows. With a limited budget, this can make your eyeshadow looks alot more high end looking. For this I suggest E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow Cream from the £1.50 range. The colour duo I suggest is Coffee and Cream as it has a white shade that can make all colours pop, plus a brown for deepening up the outer corner and crease in neutral looks.

5.) Eyeshadow

For the best value, I suggest buying an eyeshadow palette as you get more shades for a small increase in price. The two I'd suggest are the MUA Pro Palettes and the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palettes. They are both the exact same price which is why I have suggested two. The neutral palettes (BUK No. 4 & MUA Heaven and Earth) are the most suitable for school but obviously it's your choice. I personally prefer the Beauty UK one as there are smoky shades, olives and browns whereas the MUA one has just browns.

6.) Mascara

MUA Mascara is £1. It may not be the best mascara but that is an extra that you may chose to pay a little more for.

7.) Blush

The MUA blushes are pigmented and there is one to suit most skintones.

8.) Bronzer

The MUA bronzers are a little bit on the orange side, so I decided that the E.L.F. ones for £1.50 is fifty pence extra well spent and is within budget.

9.) Powder

The MUA ones seem okay, although there isn't much of a shade range.

10.) Lipstick

Once again, the MUA ones are fantastic value for money.

11.) Lip Gloss

There are two kinds of lipgloss by MUA to choose from, plus the pigmentation is good.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

7 Day Palette Challenge - Day Seven

Lid Colour: Mont Blanc

Crease Colour: Freckle

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

Thursday, 18 August 2011

7 Day Palette Challenge - Day Four

Lid Colour: Ivy Eyed & Golden Sage

Crease Colour: Forest Fire Aftermath & Back To Black

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sketch Time!: 16/08/11

10.) ColourPlay: Purple

11.) ColourPlay: Purple

12.) ColourPlay: Blue

7 Day Palette Challenge - Day Two

Lid Colour: Foggy Morning

Crease Colour: Back To Black

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Anyone up for a make up swap?

Hey guys, so I've been dying to try out the Wet 'N' Wild Color Icon 8 Pan Palettes and obviously they are not available in the United Kingdom. So I was wondering if any Americans (Or from somewhere that sells these) reading this would be willing to do a makeup swap with me. I can get you any UK exclusive makeup such as Collection 2000, Barry M, Bourjois, MUA, and Beauty UK, or anything else you may want. It could be a long running thing too if you'd like, we could swap every couple of months if you see new products that you'd like to try. If it was to be a monthly thing, I'd probably be able to stretch to £10 ($16.29) but it may differ from month to month. All you have to do is message me on my YouTube channel: AnywherePeople (it's a little bit safer that way) and we'll discuss details from there. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sketch Time!: 14/08/11

7.) Nefertiti
8.) Jessie J Inspired Look

9.) Butterfly Exotica

As usual if you want to see any as a makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel just let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Meg-Anne x

Battle of the Glitter Liners

Hey Guys, I'm here with a review/comparison of three glitter eyeliners that are priced at under £5. I will be comparing the E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner in Copper, the Barry M Gliter Liquid Eyeliner in Gold and the Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Eyeliner in Hustle.

E.L.F. Glitter Eyeliner

  • 5ml of Product

  • £1.50

  • Available at http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/

  • Foam tip applicator

  • Very liquidy formula

  • Slightly patchy glitter distribution

  • Long drying time (over 5 mins)

Overall I find that the E.L.F. one is reasonable, the long drying time and slight patchyness deter me from buying any other shade of this liner though. I also found that there's not really a shade range at all as they are found under the liquid liners on ther site and only two of which contain glitter. I would recommend this to anyone who is on an extremely tight budget and is okay with putting in the extra effort for this product.

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Liner

  • 6ml of product

  • £2.99

  • Available at Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.

  • Brush tip applicator

  • Tinted gel base

  • Even glitter distribution

  • Average drying time (Between 1 and 2 minutes)

I like the Collection 2000 glitter liner the best because it's packed full of glitter, but also has the right amount of gel base to make it a very good quality. There are fourteen colours to choose from so has the largest variety out of the three, and there are some really unique colours such as Hustle which is a lavender base with blue, green and silver glitter and is just beautiful.

Barry M Glitter Liner

  • 5ml of product

  • £4.99

  • Available at Superdrug and some Boots stores

  • Brush tip applicaror

  • Very dry formula

  • Patchy glitter distribution

  • Quick drying time (under 1 min)

This is my least favourite liner, and also the most expensive. The dry formula makes it hard to get a decent line. On the bright side, it dries quickly and has a reasonable range of seven shades. However I still don't believe that it is worth the money.

Here is a comparison of the swatches. The were taken in poor light so aren't fully representative of the colours but it does show the quality of the lines, which is what the comparison is really about.

7 Day Palette Challenge - Week Commencing 15th August

7 Day palette challenge time. This time with the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection in Earth Child. I've named all the shadows for ease and they are all on my Naming Shadows post from earlier this month. The palette is £3.99 and is available online at http://www.beautyukcosmetics.com/ or at selected Superdrug stores. I thought I'd give you a heads up for no real reason whatsoever but anyways.
Meg-Anne x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Sketch Time!: 08/08/11 (Part Two)

4.) Henna
5.) Broken Pin-Up

6.) Bermuda Triangles

Sketch Time!: 08/08/11

So, I've been sketching some unwearable looks and I thought I'd show you them. :)

1.) Greyscale Warpaint

2.) Cherry Blossom

3.) Daisy Look

Let me know if you would like me to create a tutorial for any of these, more to come soon.


Meg-Anne x

I Put This On Five Days Ago, I Swear.

I told you that I'd post the picture of my nails and here it is. E.L.F's nail varnish in fire coral is not only a beautiful coral colour, it also lasts such a long time. I'm super excited to try the other colour that I brought, and now I'm eyeing up the mint coloured one.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Product Rave/Cheap Find: 07/08/11

Hey Guys, so I ordered a TON of e.l.f. products during their 50% off period, including two nail polishes and their matte finish topcoat. The colours I brought were called 'Nude' and 'Fire Coral' and I bought them at 75 pence each (usually £1.50) at http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk.

I'll be honest I wasn't expecting that much from them as I've brought many different poor quality nail varnishes in the same price range, but I was pleasantly surprised by the polishes.

I've been wearing Fire Coral since midday on Thursday and it's now 10pm on Sunday and 8 out of ten of my nails have not chipped at all, they look exactly the same as when I put them on, the other two are hardily chipped though. I caught them with a knife while I was cooking. No harm done though, apart from to the nail polish. :(

I plan to post pics in the morning, once there is some real light in my house and then I'll try out Nude.

I hope that this has helped you to find a good nail varnish that can last you through your working week without having to worry about repainting your nails.

Meg-Anne xxx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Naming Shadows

You know that feeling when you buy an eyeshadow palette that doesn't have individual shade names, or a single eyeshadow named by simply a number. I HATE IT. So I like to give all my shadows name so that I can actually remember the colours that I use.

Palette 1: W7 Sexy Eyes Palette No 1

1.) Chrome Plated

2.) Different Diamond

3.) Horizonial

4.) New Leaf

5.) Creme De La Menthe

6.) Royal Mint

Single Eyeshadow: Mua Shade 1
Renamed: Ribbon

Palette 2: GOSH Quattro Eyeshadow in Blooming Forest

1.) Maisie Sky

2.) Plush

3.) Antique Taupe

4.) Dazed

Palette 3: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection in Earth Child (No. 4)

1.) Ivy Eyed

2.) Golden Sage

3.) Porcelain Pink

4.) Amberred

5.) Freckle

6.) Oxidation

7.) Foggy Morning

8.) Forest Fire Aftermath

9.) Mont Blanc

10.) Back to Black

Palette 4: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection in Brights (No. 2)

1.) Denim Days

2.) Saturday Night

3.) Sunday Morning

4.) Tealling

5.) Buttered

6.) Grassy

7.) Ultra Violet

8.) Clementine

9.) In Search of Barney

10.) Ramona

If you like my names or could suggest better ones let me know. And if you do the same with your eyeshadow palettes let me know. :)