Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Naming Shadows

You know that feeling when you buy an eyeshadow palette that doesn't have individual shade names, or a single eyeshadow named by simply a number. I HATE IT. So I like to give all my shadows name so that I can actually remember the colours that I use.

Palette 1: W7 Sexy Eyes Palette No 1

1.) Chrome Plated

2.) Different Diamond

3.) Horizonial

4.) New Leaf

5.) Creme De La Menthe

6.) Royal Mint

Single Eyeshadow: Mua Shade 1
Renamed: Ribbon

Palette 2: GOSH Quattro Eyeshadow in Blooming Forest

1.) Maisie Sky

2.) Plush

3.) Antique Taupe

4.) Dazed

Palette 3: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection in Earth Child (No. 4)

1.) Ivy Eyed

2.) Golden Sage

3.) Porcelain Pink

4.) Amberred

5.) Freckle

6.) Oxidation

7.) Foggy Morning

8.) Forest Fire Aftermath

9.) Mont Blanc

10.) Back to Black

Palette 4: Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection in Brights (No. 2)

1.) Denim Days

2.) Saturday Night

3.) Sunday Morning

4.) Tealling

5.) Buttered

6.) Grassy

7.) Ultra Violet

8.) Clementine

9.) In Search of Barney

10.) Ramona

If you like my names or could suggest better ones let me know. And if you do the same with your eyeshadow palettes let me know. :)

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