Sunday, 7 August 2011

Product Rave/Cheap Find: 07/08/11

Hey Guys, so I ordered a TON of e.l.f. products during their 50% off period, including two nail polishes and their matte finish topcoat. The colours I brought were called 'Nude' and 'Fire Coral' and I bought them at 75 pence each (usually £1.50) at

I'll be honest I wasn't expecting that much from them as I've brought many different poor quality nail varnishes in the same price range, but I was pleasantly surprised by the polishes.

I've been wearing Fire Coral since midday on Thursday and it's now 10pm on Sunday and 8 out of ten of my nails have not chipped at all, they look exactly the same as when I put them on, the other two are hardily chipped though. I caught them with a knife while I was cooking. No harm done though, apart from to the nail polish. :(

I plan to post pics in the morning, once there is some real light in my house and then I'll try out Nude.

I hope that this has helped you to find a good nail varnish that can last you through your working week without having to worry about repainting your nails.

Meg-Anne xxx

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