Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Quick Little Post: Advertise Your Beauty Blogs Here!

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts recently, I was a bit stressed out by GCSE results etc. Everything's okay now though, I got better grades than I expected and I got into sixth form. But enough of me. I'm here with a post, asking you to advertise your beauty blogs here, to me and to others. I'm asking this as I want to find some unknown gems and recommend them to my readers.

Here are the rules:
In the comments section post:

  • Your blog's name

  • A short description of what you write on you blog.

  • Why people should read it.

  • If you have Twitter of YouTube let me know too.

DO NOT just post the name of your blog, you'll find that more people reading the comments will click on things that have a descriptions, so I'm helping you out too. AND I just wanna know what I'm clicking on before I see it.




  1. Hi!!

    My blog is called Bella Beauty Blog. The link is http://bella-beauty-blog121.blogspot.com/

    I'm pretty new to the whole blogging scene. I am a beautician and am blogging about products, tips and tricks and makeup! Basically all things beauty!

    My twitter is http://twitter.com/#!/bellabeautyblog

    Would love to get new readers and followers cause as I said above, im still only a newbie!
    Thanks for this chance to advertise :) xx

  2. Mine is new i have 5 posts so far i could really use some comments already, id like to know what people think about it.

    its everythingbeautynyc.blogspot.com

    I just started it recently maybe less then 2 weeks ago and i have gotten 366 views so far i dont know if thats good but no one seems to comment. Maybe i dont have a good comment system or something. And i dont have members from google+ which seems like a lot of people have members adding themselves so if someone could become a member i would appreciate it.